Driving to Roof East

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Driving to Roof East

We are located on top of the Stratford Multi Storey Car Park in the centre of Stratford, accessed from the one- way ring road opposite the Bus Station. Drive up to Car Park level 6 and walk or take the lift to level 8.

Don’t forget the car park height restriction is 1.9m.

You can park directly below Roof East in the Multi Storey Car Park:

Stratford Multi Storey Car Park

Great Eastern Way

London E15 1BB

Current Car Park charges Mon-Sun (all day):1 hr £2.00, 2 hrs £4.00, 3 hrs £5.00 , 4 hrs £8.00, 6 hrs £15.00, 10 hrs £20.00 , 24 hrs £25.00

Overnight £1.00 (in after 7:00pm out by 8:00am)