World’s first Micro Olympics

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Sat 27th Jul, 4.00pm

World’s first Micro Olympics

Free entry

We're excited to host the first Micro Olympics tournament including miniature javelin, basketball, jousting and curling!

We're set to host the world’s first Micro Olympics tournament on Saturday 27th July. A chance for wannabe athletes to take part in some competitive sporting action for themselves this summer, the tournament, engineered by festival favourites, House of Dinosaur, will challenge people to an array of original Olympic-inspired games from Toothpick Javelin, to Mini Basketball and Tiny Curling. Teams or individuals can enter the Micro Olympics for free, and the Games will commence from 4pm at Roof East. No pre-booking required.

With four arenas to compete in, the Micro Olympics promises no shortage of drama. The Olympic Stadium will feature a bespoke collection of Olympic-inspired games including Toothpick Javelin, The Short Jump, and Bitesize Balloon Fencing. The ICE ICE Stadi-um, will showcase a blizzard of mini Winter Olympic games including Tiny Curling and Ice Cube Fencing hosted by Sweaty Yeti. The Vintage Olympic Stadium will bring some nostalgia with ‘80s and ‘90s mini games such as Micro Jenga, Speed Connect 4 and Finger Twister.

And last but not least, there is the Micro Mystery Zone, which will spring surprise games on the toughest of competitors across the afternoon. The House of Dinosaur team - dressed in full character inspired by their areas - will host the tournament and MC games at each arena. Competitors will earn medals and those with the most will go into a final head-to-head showdown. The winner will enjoy free prosecco and be crowned Micro Olympics Champion 2024 at 7:30pm. And finally, continuing the rooftop’s Olympics love, we will also be showing the real-deal on new flat-screen UHD TVs in its rooftop marquees throughout the Games.