The Urban Park at Roof East

The park forms the heart of Roof East.

With support from The GLA Pocket Park Fund and the Stratford Renaissance Partnership we were able to team up with Groundwork London to install an impressive Urban Park on top of this disused car park roof. Recycled pallets and scaffold boards and even recycled decking from the Olympic Park footbridge were used to make planters full of shrubs and saplings to bring colour and scents to the space. Within a few days of planting, bees have already tracked down the flowers and the smell of rosemary and lavender rolls across the space.

All planters were built so that they can be moved around to give different layouts to the space. In a nod to the former car park use we even have three cars filled with earth and plants. Now trees grow up through their roofs (well, two are convertibles!). When it gets darker the space is once again transformed by a changing colour light display.

When Roof East is open, the park is free for everyone to visit and enjoy. We only ask you don’t bring any glass or alcohol up with you. Apologies, but pets are also unable to come (although someone managed to sneak a small monkey up last year!)

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