Nobody’s Watching: uplifting silent disco workouts

12-1pm on selected Sundays
Roof East
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Come and shake your week off with an uplifting silent disco, where you'll unwind, dance and accidentally get fit in the process! If you love to dance, but don't love the weekend nightclub chaos that usually goes with it, this is the event for you. We've taken the best of a night out dancing, removed the worst, and created the ultimate dance experience.

Created by Nobody's Watching, London based operator passionate about movement, you will dance to uplifting, fun playlists that make you remember the good times and create even better ones.

Avalable dates:

Sunday 26th of May 2019 BOOK HERE

Sunday 23rd of June 2019 BOOK HERE

Sunday 14th July 2019 BOOK HERE

Sunday 11th August 2019 BOOK HERE

Sunday 1st September 2019 BOOK HERE


  • Unlike crowded clubs, you'll have plenty of room to move. The event is capped at 35 people because we want to recreate the atmosphere of a house party to maximise your comfort.
  • There will be no inebriated/intoxicated people getting in the way. 
  • You'll have two music channels with uplifting, fun playlists that make you remember the good times and create even better ones (70s 80s on one channel, 90s 00s on the other, genres include disco/funk n soul/blues/indie rock)
  • You'll be in a comfortable and non-judgemental environment where anyone and everyone is welcome.
  • You can easily slip this in your schedule without making a big night out of it and are very welcome to come by yourself.
  • If you're feeling nervous about sober silent disco dancing with strangers, fear not. There's a playful warm-up with icebreakers and easy-to-learn dance moves, run by a friendly facilitator.

Who is it for?

All levels welcome. There are no right or wrong moves at this event. Whether you are a professional dancer or you have three left feet, you’ll always be welcome. If dancing makes you happy or if you think it might, then join us.

What to wear

We recommend wearing gym gear or comfortable clothes that you don't mind sweating in. You might also want to bring water, a towel and a change of clothes. Roof East has food and drinks if you want to replenish after the dancing.

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