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Introducing Jimmy's Lodge - Roof East’s new winter pop up!

Dedicated to all things Alpine, The Lodge is a slice of all the best things about winter in a pop up. Enjoy the awesome (posh) Wild Boar and apple hot dogs, crispy camembert bites, and chicken schnitzel while you look out over the Stratford skyline on our rooftop pop up.


  • Lodge Raclette Burger £9 (British beef patty, raclette cheese, truffle & confit garlic mayonnaise, pickles and caramelised onion chutney)
  • Wild Boar Hot Dog £9 (2 wild boar and apple sausages, English mustard mayonnaise, caramalised onion chutney, crispy shallots, wild rocket)
  • Mushroom Burger £8 (Whole BBQ portobello mushroom, vegan cheese, pear and walnut chutney, Vegan wholegrain mustard mayonnaise)


  • Chicken Schnitzel £12 (Crispy breaded corn fed chicken breast, skin on fries, rocket and parmesan salad, truffle and confit garlic mayo)
  • Lodge box £12 (Camembert bites, sliced wild boar and apple sausage, Jimmys Dad’s charcuterie, cornichons, rocket and parmesan salad, fries)


  • Skin on fries £4
  • Aspen fries £5 (Our signature crispy skin on fries dressed in truffle oi mayol and topped with fresh parmesan and rosemary)
  • Crispy camembert bites £5 (Panko breaded camembert, rocket and parmesan salad, cranberry)

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