New art by Louis Masai

15 May 2017

London artist, Louis Masai, loved worldwide for his murals of endangered species, has painted new artwork at Roof East in Stratford to bring awareness to one of the most endangered animals on Earth. 

As part of his latest patchwork toys series, Louis' new work features Cayman Island blue iguana, declared critically endangered in the late 90’s, with fewer than 15 animals surviving in the wild by 2003. Although dedicated conservation organisations are working towards its survival, the species is still classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

The artwork incorporates Masai’s distinctive swarms of bees in reference to his wildly popular campaign “Save the bees”:

“My stuffed patchwork toys series highlights a world where species have disappeared and only toys now exist. My bee stitchers are doing what they do best and trying to keep things together...for me bees are the saviors and in this painting they are trying to save blue iguana” Louis Masai 

To view the art visit Roof East: Tuesdays to Fridays 5pm- 11pm and Saturdays- Sundays 12pm- 11pm

Click here for more info about the artist.

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